Change is in the Air…

The Wheel of the Year
Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox. Yay Mabon! Which is wonderful in an of itself; but what does that mean? Well, long, faith-filled story short, it is the 2nd harvest and a time of celebration and resolution as the old year draws to a close.

To quote the dear people at The Celtic Connection, Mabon is thus:

“At this festival it is appropriate to wear all of your finery and dine and celebrate in a lavish setting. It is the drawing to and of family as we prepare for the winding down of the year at Samhain. It is a time to finish old business as we ready for a period of rest, relaxation, and reflection. ”

What does that mean for me? Well, I’m going to be cooking tomorrow (yayness!) for the family, not that I know what I’m making just yet.

However, I’ll post more when I know what I’m doing.

Also? You, dear reader(s) will get to hear some of the reactions to the speech I gave in Public Speaking today.

Ta for now!


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Speech On Self

I have to do a speech on myself for my public speaking class, and I chose my Gypsy lifestyle in which to focus on. I thought I’d post it here.

Thesis statement: “I am a gypsy both in heritage and in action; I have moved many times in my life, occasionally on the whims of chance and luck.”

So! Here’s the speech as it works in my head, and how it will hopefully come out as…smoothly as it does here on paper. Heh.

“ defines a gypsy as ‘one inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life.’ I can attest to the truth of this statement as I am a modern day gypsy. That does not translate to me spending my spare time hovering over a crystal ball with hopes of divining the future or dancing around a bonfire ringed by caravan wagons. I am a gypsy both in heritage and in action; I have moved many times in my life, occasionally on the whims of family or luck. This gypsy life of mine was not the result of military service; it was simply how my family lived. Family has always been a large part of my life.
I was born in Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 1985. My parents had found kindred spirits in one another, both having traveler’s souls. One facet of my family tree hails from the mountains of Romania, another finds its roots in a wandering caravan that frequented Napoli, Italy. My grandmother often said, with no small amount of pride, that the wanderer’s blood was strong in both my parents. After my birth, the wanderlust kicked up again, and we moved over a dozen times in the first five years of my life. This trend of multiple relocations has continued to this day. While I am no longer living with my parents, the life I have known since birth has continued to show itself. Just last month, I moved for the eighty-third time.
Eighty-three is no small number. It almost boggles the mind, if you think about it, moving eighty three times in twenty four years. Granted, there were many places I lived for less than a week, but they were still home for the pack of wayward wanders that was my family. Sometimes it was almost a year of memories we moved away from, other times it was just another place where we would catch twenty four hours of sleep and channel surfing before we moved on. My family moved mostly out of need or impulse, though one memorable time had me hopping a plane across the country because of a simple card game.
I was taught how to play rummy at the tender age of seven, the careful instruction of my grandmother making it a very fond memory. Time is easily passed with a game or two of rummy while waiting for storms to pass or evenings to fade away. One such interesting evening the summer I turned twenty one, the jackpot ran to nearly three hundred dollars among my friends and I. If I won the game I was going to follow my wanderlust all the way back to Chicago instead of sticking around in tedious Orlando, Florida. Long story short, I was in Chicago three days later, rooming with an old friend of the family. In exchange for room and board, I was helping him out around the house and with the inventory of his now closed comic shop; as well as working at the costume shop of a mutual friend. Luck and a decent hand had me back in my hometown. I bopped around the Windy City, only a half dozen moves this time, but such is the life of this gypsy. My father and his new fiancée financed my flight back down to Florida ten months later. Family always seems to be a factor in where I move.
I am a gypsy, both in heritage and in habit. My parents raised me to have a wanderer’s soul, to be a gypsy-footed child, and their upbringing has stuck with me over the years. Whether I am bounding across the country or simply moving a few miles away, I have moved many times in my life. Reasons for relocation are usually my family or my own hard-striking wanderlust. And thanks to the teachings of my grandmother, something as simple as a game of rummy among friends can get me where I want to go. I grew up a gypsy, with my ‘nomadic, unconventional way of life’, and I love it.

Thank you for your time.”


“Gypsy.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2003. Houghton Mifflin Company 20 Sep. 2009

Google Maps
Search: Rockford, IL to Tamarac, FL;
Approximately 1220 miles as the crow flies (direct distance)

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Frustrations and Fears

One aspect of having a traveling significant other is that they occasionally don’t even need to travel. Or rather, they find they are on the road when they could be home. Due to yet another game of “Hurry Up and Wait”, Dragon could have been home all this week. I’m sure we’re both frustrated.

I miss him. It is not a crippling emotion, but it is rather painful. I speak with him often, via telephone and/or instant messenger; it is hardly the same as sharing an embrace.

*sighs* Oh well. Such is the life of a gypsy, such is the life of a trucker. I suppose that we found kindred spirits in one another. Time shall tell.


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On the road again…

So, currently, Dragon is playing parking lot on I-75 past the Georgia border. Wee hoo for Labor Day weekend. People need to learn to drive carefully, especially during holiday weekends where large amounts of food, friends, and possibly alcoholic beverages are concerned. You would think with an estimated six million car accidents a year, fifty thousand of those resulting in fatalities, people would be more careful.

Actually, despite traffic snafus, our Labor Day weekend was quite enjoyable, minus a few questionable moments.

No, nothing was wrong with the company. I was exceedingly happy to see Dragon; what little time we have together is very precious. In any case, what happened was a moment of me being silly. I have a tendency to be hyper-critical of myself, and very defensive when I care about someone, to the point of violently reactive at odd moments. Last night, as we were heading back to Dragon’s crash pad after a bit of time hanging out with Sunshine and Chaos, I really stuck my foot in my mouth. Or, as I accidentally said at one point, my mouth in my foot. Dragon found that amusing for some reason.

Tangent altert: Moments like that, where I stumble and fumble and trip over words or building thoughts, are often amusing to others. For me, it is simply frustrating, knowing that I have such a large vocabulary, and a love of words and still cannot express myself very well vocally. I don’t even remember how long I went to that stupid speech therapist for. I’ll have to ask Crazy Jewish Chick. She’d recall. At least I didn’t overly stutter, I think. Perhaps not noticeably. I’m not about to ask Dragon as I don’t wish to call attention to the fact that I fuck up when I talk. It is truly bothersome, one of the things that annoys me about myself.

But I digress. In any case, we spent several hours talking, among other things. I really do enjoy snuggling with him. Touch is such an interesting experience, skin against skin as a form of comfort and non-verbal communication. I love hugging him. That is one thing I will miss when Dragon is on the road; the ability to reach out and touch him. Granted, we have cell phone conversations, eventual text messages, email communication, Facebook, Twitter, and I’m sure that we’ll find several more if need be. Hearing his voice makes me smile, but I will miss watching his eyes go soft when he looks at me. ^_^

Well then. I’m off to grab some apple pie for dessert and then work on my music-reading lessons and try to figure out the keyboard.

Ta for now.


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What Do I Want?

An email I shot off to Dragon , asking “What do you want?” When I asked in what context did he mean, I got an answer equating to “yes”. He didn’t put any limits on the question. At all. And this is what I came up with:

All right, before you read the transcript of my ramblings, I will forewarn you that I was tired so my brain wasn’t much beyond, like, first gear. Also, if you could like NEVER mention to any family members of mine that I seem to come across as some whiny romantic chick, I would be eternally thankful. I’m the rather rough-and-tumble girl, and everyone knowing how sappy I can be at times would TOTALLY kill my proverbial ‘street cred’ with certain members. ^_^

Also? None of this is allowed to be used as blackmail material. ^_^ Okay, so here it is:

‘It is 11:34 pm on September the 1st, 2009; this is dictation for the email to Dragon.
*sighs* You, my dear, ask what I want. And when I inquired what context you wanted me to answer said question, you said, basically, “yes, any context”. So…What do I want?
Well, materially speaking, I want a new laptop and more books. But, I always want more books.
I want not to worry about eviction notices, not to worry about the power being shut off because of non-payment. I want to not worry if the bank account is in the negative. I want to not have to work myself to death just to make ends meet in a minimum wage job that I love, but am learning to loathe.
I want…to wander. *chuckles* But, to have a home to come home to. I want a couch that didn’t get picked up off the side of the road. I want a desk I picked because I liked it, not because it’s what was on sale. Though, on sale is nice too.
I want to display, in a little corner china cabinet thing, most of the ridiculous little dust catchers I’ve accumulated over the years. Most of which have actually been gifts from my father, or gifts from myself.
I want…what do I want?
I want to see where life will go with you. I want to see where we can go together. I want to see how what I want fits into what you want.
I want to have stamps on my passport. I don’t even care to where. We could go to Mexico or Canada and I’d consider that an accomplishment. I want to see Niagara Falls from both sides of the border, even though its’ the same.
I want to take a ridiculous amount of pictures and I want to make memories, because…well, you didn’t say you wanted why but I’m gonna tell you anyway. I want to take pictures of places we’ve gone together and things we’ve done together because I think that the potential for positive memory is a wonderful thing. So I think that I want to fill a photo album of “Us”.
I want to drag you to the stupid Denny’s that I haunted for almost six years of my life no matter where we lived, just off I-4 in Altamonte Florida. I want you to meet the insane chick I call my best friend and the positive horde that is the rest of my family both chosen and biological.
I want to find a way to make a meal you really, really like.
I want many things.
I actually want, at some point, to have a place that isn’t some rented room. While I’m grateful for what I have, I want someplace I can call my home, not just my house. I’ve noticed I always call places my house, not home. I want home. Easier said than done. I’m not saying white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a golden retriever; a) because I don’t like golden retrievers all that much and b) because I’d probably try to tie dye the fence.
I want-okay; you’re going to laugh at me for this one. But I want a Christmas tree on the holidays. I know I’m not a Christian, no it’s not a Chanukah bush, it’s technically a Yule tree. But for the layman it’s a Christmas tree that I fought with the lights myself, and I don’t even care if it’s real or not; though I’d prefer real just because I’ve never had a real tree. For me, the ultimate expression of home is the holidays and decorating the place. And while for some the sentiments may be empty, for me the mistletoe IS for renewal. The red and green: the symbol of lifeblood, and the changing of the seasons, and the green is the sign of life even amongst the dark times. Giant metaphor for life, but whatever!
I want to ring in the New Year with a bottle of cheap champagne and—I don’t even know. What do people do? I want to have a New Year’s party and invite friends.
And I want some of the normal things I missed out on. I want a front door mat. I know it sounds like one of the stupidest things on the face of the planet, but whatever. I want a countertop or window box thing for fresh herbs-especially mint ‘cause I like munching on it. I want to make candies to send to people for care packages and for the holidays.
I want more books. *laughs* And the space to keep them.
I want to sock dance across a linoleum floor to really random music. I mean, like Dr. Demento ‘Fish Head’ type random music.
I want to have this conversation with you as we’re stretched out in bed. *sighs*
I want to not stare blankly at the ceiling and get dizzy by the shadow of the fan spinning around. Maybe I should turn off the light.
I want to know what you want. I want to see what we can be together.
I wanna be published. I want finish a book, a story that makes people go “Wow! That was so much better than Twilight!” *laughs* I’m half-kidding. Honestly I just hate Twilight, that’s what it is. I want to tell a story that keeps people hooked in, keeps people up way past their bedtime because they don’t want to put it down. I want to write the book that people stay up to read or fall asleep reading; because they’re just so tired “Just one more page, one more page, I’ll just finish the paragraph”. I always used to say that.
I want a music box, actually. I don’t even know why. There’s something sweet about them.
I want to find a matching dragon for your co-pilot. I want to find out so many things about you.
Thank god-hopefully you’ll never hear this, or if I just get lazy and send it to you: sorry.
Um…what do I want?
I want to see snow again and to actually have to wear a sweater or gloves. I want to throw a snowball at you and ten to one I’ll actually hit you ‘cause I’ve got pretty good aim.
I want to go dancing in a thunderstorm without having to worry about my relatives staring at me like I’m a freak. I want to chase butterflies. And yes, I know. I have Attention Deficit-Butterfly! *laughs*
I want to bake and to make you smile because it’s fun. And I want to find out little things that I can do. Little favorite things, like do you prefer socks or slippers; or do you prefer your hat or do you like baseball caps? Uh…butter or no butter on your popcorn. Pepsi or Coke, that sort of thing.
I want to go to a carnival, one of those state fair things and win one of those ridiculous stuffed animals that you can buy from Wal-Mart for 20 bucks. You know what I mean, the stupid rigged games. I want to ride the Ferris Wheel-even though I’m scared of heights. It’s the only time I feel like I’m flying.
I want to go somewhere new. I want to look around the place I’m living and see pieces of a successful life, a life well-lived. I want to get a ridiculous amount of postcards, at least one from every place I see. Not just drive through, but actually visit. I wanna see the biggest ball of twine or something random like that. You know what I mean.
I want to go to some of the places I’ve seen on Food Network or the Travel Channel. I want see Ireland. I want to have a real Guinness.
I want to be me…but better. Not better…not how I was how I was younger. There we go.
I want to have a piano or a keyboard that I play as procrastination instead of doing the dishes. I hate doing dishes. Well, no, I hate doing dishes by hand; I don’t mind loading a dishwasher. Although I like washing plates for some reason, it’s just so soothing. I want to own a vacuum cleaner, and I know that it probably sounds like a very strange thing but it makes sense in my head.
I want to build a life, not an existence.
I want…honest to god, I want not to have to work, or to work out of choice not necessity. I want to know where the farmer’s markets are and know everyone’s names there. I want to have a dedicated space for my artwork. I don’t even care if it’s a lanai with a fan. I want to bring beauty into the world.
I want to travel with you. *sighs*
I wanna learn how to dance, like ball room dance, or something stupid like that. Not salsa or anything, I want to waltz. I actually, and again this is kinda silly, I want to host a masquerade ball at some hoity toit hotel; buy a real dress and make up for all the proms and dance and birthdays I never had, all the times I couldn’t do something ‘cause I didn’t have the money. I think I’ll do that when I’m like thirty. That’ll be my 30th birthday.
I want to get married some day. No, I’m not like proposing marriage, what is it, four days into our relationship? I’m just saying. When, to explain, when my stepmother and my father got married February before last; she said, sometime after, that the reason she married him was that she thought she loved him. And she did, she did love him. But she thought that she would belong to him, she would give her heart and he’d give her his; and they would reach that “Us” point. And even though it’s symbolic of a dying nature of monogamy, I want to someday have a wedding ring on my finger, have-not extravagant-but a nice wedding. Maybe I’ll even invite my mother.
I want to have a movie night, like once every couple of months, if you’re not on the road. Or if you are, just, have a night where we both watch the same movie. And I actually do this with friends. If we like, go to Blockbuster or something, buy a movie at Wal-Mart and rent another copy, or find something on YouTube or Hulu, or one of the internet things. But, even from across the country just, be on the phone or IM, or occasionally both, it just depends on the friend. But, ya know? Just spend time together. And if you’re home, I think you’ve noticed I’m a snuggler.
I want to know what you consider home. I want to know your favorite foods, though I think I asked that already. I want to know if you snore, I’m actually curious on that one. I want to know so many things. I want to meet your mom. She sounds like a nifty lady.
I want to drag you around Chicago, to all my favorite little places and haunts. Take you to the Winter Garden in Roosevelt Library and The Bean in Millennium Park. Take a picture of the “watch for falling ice” signs that they have because people have actually died. I want to take a train ride-a Metra ride-from Chicago to Elgin to see Wixer and-and Nanny. Gods, I want to see Nanny.
I want to carve pumpkins, ‘cause its fun to squish the guts around since it feels like brains or something. I want to get lost in a corn field maze, preferably with you, because getting lost by myself would just freak me out and I’d probably use my cell and call someone.
Um… *yawns* Sorry. Hmm…
I want a teddy bear. I know it’s really dumb sounding for someone my age, but I’ve never had, like a normal teddy bear. I had a Care Bear when I was a kid, I had Luck Bear. God did I love that thing. Lucky was the coolest ever. And I had a Cabbage Patch doll. But I never had just a teddy bear. I had one when I was a baby, it was GIANT, and I used to use it as a pillow. My mother threw it out one time when she got mad at me.
I want to have pictures on the walls… and art!
And…I want you to look forward to coming to see me. I want to be able to make you laugh. I want to have inside jokes with you that we could just share a look when something happens and snicker. I want to have favorite movies or favorite things. I want us to fine our own little place just…wherever. I want to snuggle up with you, when I’m cold or when I feel like it. *laughs*
*Sighs* I want to crochet a blanket for the back of my own couch; I want to own said couch, like a nice leather couch. But you know have a throw I crocheted as just one of those “I made this” moments. I want to be able to send out those photo/letter Christmas cards.
I want to know what your favorite season is.
I want to go sledding for some reason but I don’t think that the logistics-ooh!!! Ooh, I know: I want to go on a hayride ‘because those things are the coolest fucking things EVER.
I want to get you a present, but like a multiple stage one where you have to find different clues leading up to the final shebang. I love doing that. *laughs* Hunting for stuff is so much fun.
I want *sighs* to fall asleep snuggled up with you. I want to give you a really big hug ‘because I miss you right now. I want to know why I’m like this after, what, four days technically.
I want to know why everyone thinks I’m a lesbian. *chuckles*
I want to sell my artwork.
And…I want you to meet my stepmom, ‘because I think you guys might get along. I want to see Allie and I want to see my brothers. I want you to meet Duckboy- err, Aaron, rather, my brother. He’s one nifty kid. Gods, he’s gonna be 18.
Oh, shit, I’m nearing on half an hour here and it’s just about midnight. Hmm…Well, I want to know what you want. So.
I want to go to bed, so I think I’m going to do that. I will transcribe this at some point, and I will talk to you later.
Bye sweetie.’

~End Transmission. ^_^

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Smooth talker

Oh my, oh my. My Dragon is quite the smooth talker apparently. He called around nine, just as I was getting out of the shower, starting the newest game of phone-tag. We had another random conversation, with several extended minutes of alternate conversation.

What that means is that we were on the phone with each other but kept getting sidetracked by one or more people trying to talk to us in person. It seems to happen every time I pick up the phone at least twice. ^_^

Anyway, after our alternate conversations, we actually focused back on one another. When we were saying our goodnights near ten o’clock or so, he mentioned something that quite flustered me. Dragon said that he had been daydreaming about me all day. This, of course, turned my face a nice shade of embarrassed pink in reaction. Dragon continued, completely sincere in his words, saying he only had three active brain cells left. By his estimation, two of which were busy thinking about me, so he was going to go to sleep so he could dream of me.

Speechless would aptly describe me at that moment, and for several moments afterwards.

As for now, I think I’ll follow Dragon’s example and toddle off to bed for the night.



‘Bout a month…

So! I just got off the phone with Dragon, who may be back in my direction as soon as a month from now. Noises are being made about going to Busch Gardens or the like, which would be awesome-provided I actually wear sneakers that don’t try to fall off my feet and a non-white shirt to prove that I CAN learn from previous mistakes. ^_^

And if we’re still down in that area come evening, I’ll see if I can drag him to Sacred Grounds to see the rest of the gang and check how George likes him.

Yes, I know. I don’t need the yay or nae of anyone. But with Lex halfway across the damned state (and unwilling to come see me because she doesn’t like driving long distances), Wix in the Windy City, and Mama way out in Cali, I need someone to let me know if they think my yardstick is broken. I don’t think it is, but my track record with anyone, male or female, as of late is not the best. Granted, I’ve not dated since…um… *thinks* Raymond? And we broke up ’round this time last year. But whatever.

Dragon picks out his truck tomorrow, if all goes well. *Crosses fingers* Which means, this weekend I’ll be working on a luck box for his truck. Maybe he’ll keep the fortunes from his ever-loved fortune cookies in it.

Heee. I think I should try to find some fortune cookies to give him when he comes home. ^_^

Oh! And I started Googling trucker lingo. I wonder how accurate it is?? I really want to know what the hell they’re saying when I hear chatter on the radio. Not as cool as learning a new foreign language, even though it would sort of be a new one, wouldn’t it?

OH! In other monumental news: my youngest brother, who goes by the nickname Batman, turned ten years old today. ^___^ Slightly terrifying, that fact. I will admit that I remember changing his diapers. I remember changing all three of the M. boys’ diapers. I will be a quarter of a century old next year, Duckboy will be turning eighteen in February, and Picasso will be fourteen in January. Ye Gods, how time has passed. No, my mother and their father were not cruel enough to actually name their children Duckboy, Batman, and Picasso. They are obviously my pet names for them. I don’t wish to name actual names whenever possible, unless I’ve permission already.

Anyway. Part of me wonders how my mother is feeling today. She’s nearly kissing fifty, not that her mileage makes her old or anything, but how must it feel? To know that a child you carried within you for nine months or so, then nursed to the age that you let them go…and all they do is keep going, just as you taught them. I know she has regrets, she’s told me as such. But is one of those regrets having so many children? Six siblings I outlived before I finished the first year of my life; another miscarriage that she thinks I don’t know about, then the birth of in ’92 Duckboy, two miscarriages I remember her crying over when I was in grade school, Picasso’s birth in ’96, some time later an early-term stillbirth, and then less than two months later she was pregnant with Batman.

Somehow I wonder how it is we moved so many times, with four children, me being one of them. I really don’t know if I want to have kids before I root down. I love the Gypsy Life, usually did. I didn’t like that most of my friends were books, cats, and other such inanimate or non human things since I didn’t trust that we’d stay still long enough for anything real to happen.

Oh well. It’s nearly dinner, and I need to feed the felines. ^_^



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Ah, the waiting game…

Like sands  through the hourglass....

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...and the nights when we can't sleep....

Well then, school this morning was rather uneventful, minus my forgetting where the hell my class was. ^_^ Thankfully, I had only to call my friend/nemesis and inquire, much to his amusement.

Me: “Hey, Alex, it’s me.”
Him: “Hey, what’s up? Class starts in like three minutes.”
Me: “Yeah…um…about that. Where is our class at? Like, which room?”

At first he thought I was joking. When I finally arrived at said classroom (BTECH 105, just in case you were wondering!) I was needled mercilessly for several minutes, until I jabbed him in the arm with the eraser end of my pencil hard enough to shut him up.

Math class is mildly amusing. At least with Alex there I don’t have to bring my book and we still have our little friendly wager going that one of us will soundly trounce the other when the final grades come up. I have to beat him this time, truly. I can’t lose to him two semesters in a row. >.< I refuse!!!

How does this relate to the massive hourglass above? Well, I was running a bit behind schedule otherwise I would have just walked to class with Alex, tormenting him as I usually do. We banter healthily: he's downright HORRID at English, I am rather weak in Mathematics. We help one another as much as we just push the other to be better. ^_^ Also, we make bets on our grades, minor wagers, but it's still amusing. Heh. Probably not the best use of our collective free time, but it amuses us nonetheless.

Ah time. The point to this whole entry. It is such an elusive and complex little thing, and yet my life is ruled by the ticking of the clock, as is nearly everyone's. Even Dragon has his clocks to consider, getting loads to certain locations at certain times, traffic and travel times, the hours of sleep he needs, etc. I misuse time far too much, usually by accident. And when with friends, we often find that we've lost or stretched it. Time can become rather bent out of shape, utterly broken, passing too quickly for my liking, or dragging by slower than a glacial movement. That is the nature of it I suppose, since it is a relative thing, right Mr. Einstein?

In any case, I spoke with Dragon yesterday afternoon; he actually pulled me from an accidental nap on the surprisingly comfortable living room couch. Not that I minded or anything like that, it was just another example of how I am occasionally careless with my time. Sleep seems to be among the more elusive members of the time-spending cast.

Just last night in the wee hours of this morning, long after even the cats had gone to bed, I found myself laying in bed, yet again staring at the ceiling. Quite tired, as one is wont to be at nearly three a.m., but still unable to shut off my mind. Thoughts were turning over in my mind, of Dragon, of me, of that mysterious Us. Not doubts as to whether it would work, as for some reason I have no doubt whatsoever about that. I wonder if we'll have enough time together.

I wonder if we're too different. With Mabon only three weeks away, how different we can be is thrown in sharp relief. He has what I would term a lack of faith entirely. He believes in science and experimentation and the like. While nothing is wrong with this, as I often think this way, I also doublethink: I have my faith and love it too. Having lived my life as I have, having seen what I have, it is not so much that I have faith in things beyond scientific explanation being out there as I have a knowledge of them. As it is, I temper my knowledge with faith and am still able to sleep in a darkened room at night. *sighs*

I also wonder if I’m enough for him, or too much.

Ach. I’ll worry later. Off to watch Supernatural with my cousin. Ta for now!


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Really, I’ll stop now…

Okay, so I have Day One Jitters. Got a call from Dragon at seven, of course just as the family was sitting down for dinner. *grumble mutter profanity here*

But all is well. Despite poor weather conditions, he made it to Atlanta safely, not that I was worried… Or at least not that I was overly worried. Mild concern. ^_^

Yeah, I know. I’ll get used to it. And I’ll probably check the weather a whole lot more than I used to. Whatever. This is why I would never make a good military wife. I’d worry constantly and go grayer at an earlier age. Nevermind the fact that I’m only twenty four and already colouring my hair on a regular basis, but I think I’ll eventually stay away from the hot pink and radical reds. Eventually. ^_^

I wonder if there’s a trucker-wife online group? Heh. I know I’m not the only one out there.

In any case, Dragon goes to his orientation with JBHunt tomorrow. *crosses fingers for him to have a good day and find a good truck*

I’m off to write for now. Probably won’t write again tonight. G’night!


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Inclement Weather Ahead…


It's just a little wet out there...

It's just a little wet out there...

So I got a phone call at just about half three as I finished munching a cheese stick for lunch. I really am bad about the whole remembering to actually eat on a regular basis.

Anyway, apparently my Internet-found weather forecast of “scattered thunderstorms” just north of Tallahassee was not quite specific enough.

So he’s run into some rather harsh rain. Hopefully he’ll make it okay. And next time I get a more accurate forecast! ^_^; I blame Weather dot com on this one, they’re the ones I got the forecast from!

Anyway, off to find some real food.



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